Month: September 2018

Inside of Youtube’s Party at Paris Fashion Week

A few months after Derek Blasberg joined the team of Youtube as the head of fashion and beauty partnerships, he co-hosted a YouTube party at the U.S. Embassy that drew a host of fashion’s biggest names from the worlds of modeling, media, design and more to mingle and enjoy a performance by Haim, as well as a DJ set by Virgil Abloh. 


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10 Woman share the best beauty advices ever.

We know the stress that every woman experiences when it comes to finding the perfect beauty routine that they need. As we all have different skins some tricks that apply to some might not apply to another. And copying celebrities routine might not be the answer. We thought that taking some advices from women of different ages might be a little bit of a help so stick with us. 


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Halsey Responds to Machine Gun Kelly’s Claim

We are all familiar with the recent rap battle between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly where disses after disses were released and many celebrities were thrown into the mix. 

Kamikaze- Rap Devil – Killshot

Even though it looked like MGK was winning the battle because his Rap Devil son Hit number one on Itunes. It doesn’t seem right to measure the success by that fact as Eminem didn’t even put Killshot on Itunes. Also rumors were spread that he got booed in his concert in Oblivion.

~MGK Hits 1st Place on Itunes but gets booed in Oblivion~

“Already F*cked one rappers girl this week, Don’t make me call Kim

Meaning that he and Halsey had an affair after Halsey and G- eazy were reportedly broken up. Slim Shady not only “destroyed” Machine Gun Kelly with his diss but he also defended G-eazy and Halsey in his song. 

~In the middle of Lyrical warfare between Eminem and MGK ~

Machine Gun Kelly Insults Halsey

During an interview with The Breakfast Club, Machine Gun Kelly Not only didn’t accept defeat but he also said that “Him being Booed in Oblivion” were all rumors”. 
When he was asked if he really “smashed” Halsey? As this question is very Inpolite so was the MGK’s answer: ” Absolutely”

And Halsey responded to Machine Gun Kelly via Twitter

It looks like Machine Gun Kelly has ended this battle as he says during the interview that this thing wasn’t even on his way because he has other projects planned. 
Now the young singer has released has released his new song “Lately” and we can tell that the battle is officially over. 

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