Beauty Routine Tips

Beauty routine Tips

10 Woman share the best beauty advices ever.

What you should include in your beauty routine according to ten women.

We know the stress that every woman experiences when it comes to finding the perfect beauty routine that they need. As we all have different skins some tricks that apply to some might not apply to another. And copying celebrities routine might not be the answer. We thought that taking some advices from women of different ages might be a little bit of a help so stick with us. 

Beauty routine
Skin care

  • Maria, 28 

“A product ‘tingling’ or ‘stinging’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ‘working.’ There are a lot of irritants in makeup and skincare—be aware!”

  • Lucy, 24

“The only thing that smells like burning hair… burning hair.”

Beauty Routine
Morning Beauty Routine

  • Anna, 34

“Makeup is expression! If your makeup makes you feel good, then keep on keeping on!”

  • Abigail, 29

“Drink lots of water. It’s so good for your skin!”

  • Jasmine, 37

“Stop waxing your eyebrows! Keep them full and just pluck for maintenance. It takes longer but it’s SO worth it”

make up tips
Make Up Tips

  • Sarah, 26

“Focus on skincare. Spend your money on skincare. If you have a healthy canvas you can successfully use almost any makeup.”

  • Alice, 31

“Just because something is more expensive does not mean it is better. But when you find a good product—spend the money on quality!”

  • Sarah, 29

“Start a skin care regimen from a young age and keep it up! My mom always made it a point for me to have a cleansing routine, and I have stayed consistent all these years!”

cleansing routine
Cleansing Routine

  • Holly, 45

“Use coconut oil to remove eye makeup. Helps fight wrinkles too.”

  • Lola, 23

“When applying makeup pick ONE main feature to accentuate rather than every feature. For example, a dramatic eye with a dramatic lip tends to only look good on Instagram…if that. #lessismore.”

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