relationship abuse

Relationship Abuse! What is it and How to Spot it?

The intention of a relationship abuse is to create fear, insecurity and confusion to the other partner. This makes them feel insecure and less confident.

Relationship abuse is also known as Domestic violence between two partners in a hetero sexual or the same-sex relationships or marriages. In most cases, the victims of domestic violence are women but men are not always excluded. 

Relationship Abuse or Domestic Violence may come in different forms.

relationship abuse
Relationship Abuse

The most common forms of relationship abuse involve  physical,  verbal,  emotional,  economic, religious, reproductive, and sexual abuse. 

There are a several factors that lead to relationship abuse but the major one is the need for control, also egoism or narcissism play a significant role. As a result these factors most commonly lead to threats, isolation and intimidation. 

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The whole intention is to create fear, insecurity and confusion to the other partner. It is important to know that not only physical abuse but also verbal abuses are serious and should not be tolerated. 

Often, on a good will people try to justify their significant other for being abusive. Jelousy, alcohol, wanting to protect the other one are not reasons and obviously not a solution for any circumstance. 

How to know if you might be an emotionally  abused victim?

How to spot a narcissists
How to spot a narcissists?

It might or might not be difficult to spot these signs but anyway you should always look for them. These signs may include:

  • Isolationg you from friends and family
  • Getting angry if you want to spend time with your friends
  • Threatening to spread rumors about you
  • Using force during an argument
  • Humiliating you by using offensive words about your character
  • Threatening to harm you or self-harm if you leave
  • Always blaming others for their problems or feelings
  • Trying to control your life

Sometimes your partner might try to control you by using violence and this includes:

  • Punching
  • Kicking
  • Slapping
  • Holding somebody down
  • Pushing someone against the wall and refusing to let them go
  • Hitting

Relationship Abuse can have Fatal consequences in ones health

Relationship abuse can destroy someones self-confidence, make them feel lonely and as a result leads to depression.

Whether you’re in an abusive relationship or someone you know is in one you just have to know that you’re not alone. You are not to blame. Only the person who is being abusive is to blame and you should always let yourself open for help

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